Famous Brands

Famous Brands Online Manual


 Famous Brands Online Manual

1. Logging onto FB Online:


FB online can be accessed on www.fbonline.co.za. Each store has a unique login name and password to place an order. You will be required to change the password with your first log in.

You will also need the secondary password to access ‘My  Account’  function on FB Online. This will your existing password with ‘acc’(lowercase)  appended at the end.


2. Placing an order:


The order screen is divided into Bakery , Warehouse / Dry goods, Ice Cream  and Butchery and will only display the items available for specific Brands & Region (i.e. Debonairs will only see items available for Debonairs).


Orders can only be placed on FB Online between 8:00am and 3:00pm on specific ordering days. An additional order can be placed a day before delivery between 8:00am and 10:00am with maximum five (5) lines provided the original order was placed.


To place an order, simply go to the required business unit, select the required delivery date (it is pre-populated with delivery dates available as per the current delivery schedule). Enter the required quantity next to the required item. The items are divided in sub categories and grouped accordingly.


You can


1.        1 .    Save your order by pressing the ‘Save Cart Button’.   Orders saved this way are available for editing by pressing the ‘Load Cart’ button. Note that saved orders will not pull through to our system .


2.       2.    Commit your order by pressing the ‘Commit Button’  which will pull through to our financial system immediately. You will be asked to confirm.

3.       3.    To view a previous completed order  press ‘Load Order’. This can then be edited and saved or committed as a new order.






When you press ‘OK’, an order confirmation / proforma will be generated with your order / reference number. Please print the order confirmation for record purposes. Order number eComm0000…….







When making enquiries, please give us the order number(eComm00……) for easy traceability. The average quantity ordered on FB online will be displayed next to each item. The order will then pull through to our systems.



3. Stock Sheets


Stock sheets can be printed from the FBOnline order form by pressing the ‘Print Stock Sheet’ button.



4. My Account:


By using the secondary password you will be able to access My Account on FB Online. It will give you access to My Account, My Orders, My Password.


a) My Account:


See account status, as well as invoices, credit notes, debit notes and payments captured to your account.

You can select a date range for transactions. You will be able to see the outstanding balance, last invoice amount and last payment amount. You also have the ability to select an invoice / credit note to view the details.

You also have the ability to select an invoice / credit note to view the details. It will display a copy of the transaction on a separate window.

The payments captured to your account can also be viewed and again you can select the date range required. It will default to give you the last 4 transactions:


b) My Orders:

This will display all orders and order status for this store. You can select the date range as well as which orders you would like to see.



c) My Password:


You can change your password should it be needed.


Should you experience any difficulties with Famous Brands Online, please contact your regional administrator for assistance.